Cambodia’s First-ever Batch of Future Watchmakers Graduated to Second Year of Study at Prince Horology


In an extraordinarily challenging year for Cambodia’s educators and students alike, Prince Horology, Phnom Penh’s first ever Swiss watchmaking school, is proud to announce that the debut group of six Cambodian students have moved onto the second year of their programme. All six students are currently on a full scholarship supported by Prince Foundation that includes a stipend and allowance for accommodation.

The talented students of Prince Horology successfully completed their micromechanics course on 13th December 2021, and the achievement was duly celebrated at the center as well. In the second year, they will focus on watch servicing.

Amongst a three-part final examination for the first year, the aspiring watchmakers had to manufacture by hand a) a winding stem b) a pivot gauge and c) a balance staff that had to fulfil strict criteria. Earlier, the students completed intermediate examinations covering both watchmaking theory and practice in the run-up to their final examinations.

Students at Prince Horology are on track to receive an internationally-recognised watchmaking certification. The courses are being administered by professional instructors who earlier worked at the world-famous Watchmakers of Switzerland Training and Educational Program (WOSTEP).

Prince Holding Group, Chen Zhi through its charitable arm Prince Foundation, has been supporting the center since its inception.

Prince Horology is Cambodia’s first-ever Swiss watchmaking center, boasting advanced infrastructure and comprehensive curriculum rarely seen outside of Switzerland.

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