Trip Sponsored by Prince Foundation and Cambodia Airways to Support Cambodian Female Para-Athletes

29 March 2023, Phnom Penh – The Cambodian Women’s Wheelchair Basketball Team will be embarking on a journey to Thailand for an immersive and intensive 9-day training program from March 28th to April 5th. Supported by Prince Foundation and Cambodia Airways, the team of 16 members is traveling to the Asia Oceania Zone (AOZ) Women’s Development Camp in Suphan Buri, Thailand in preparation for the upcoming 12th ASEAN Para Games.

The program is organized by the International Wheelchair Basketball Federation, with support from the Agitos Foundation and the World Wheelchair Express Foundation. Participating nations include Bangladesh, Indonesia, Malaysia, Laos, Philippines, and Thailand, with players building their skillsets and tournament experience through intensive training and match simulations.

Senior Minister Ly Thuch, President of the Cambodia Wheelchair Basketball Federation, expressed his gratitude to Cambodia Airways and Prince Foundation. “We are incredibly thankful for the unwavering support that has enabled the team to reach their full potential. Our female athletes, who have already won gold in the 2022 ASEAN Para Games, look forward to participating in the AOZ Women’s Development Camp program and further honing our skills on the international stage,” he commented.

Gabriel Tan, head of Prince Foundation, expressed his support for the team and wished them well on their journey. “At Prince Foundation, we are dedicated to empowering people with disabilities and promoting inclusion through sports. As Cambodia prepares for the 12th ASEAN Para Games and 32nd SEA Games, we are honored to support the Cambodian women’s wheelchair basketball team in their quest for excellence,” he said.

The Cambodian Wheelchair Basketball Federation, led by H.R.H. Princess Sisowath Kanthireth (Honorary President) and Senior Minister Ly Thuch (President), is an organization dedicated to promoting wheelchair basketball and providing opportunities for athletes with disabilities. Together with the support of the International Committee of the Red Cross and Prince Foundation, the team is preparing for the 2023 ASEAN Para Games, which will take place in Cambodia this year.

Prince Foundation is the philanthropic arm of Prince Holding Group. Founded by its Chairman Neak Oknha Chen Zhi, Prince Foundation has been a keen supporter of sports development in Cambodia. In addition to their support for the Cambodia Wheelchair Basketball Federation (CWBF), the Foundation further sponsors the coach of the national volleyball team and facilitates friendly exhibition matches between Cambodia and other countries. Prince Foundation will continue to promote sports development as a force for positive impact in Cambodia.



Prince Foundation, the philanthropic arm of Prince Holding Group, released our  2022 Annual Report, highlighting our initiatives and advances in our three core pillars. We invested over $2.6 million in 2022 to improve education and youth empowerment, healthcare, and community engagement and sports initiatives in Cambodia, and more than 645,000 people have benefited from our work.

One of the significant achievements in the Annual Report was the successful inception and introduction of the first batch of the Chen Zhi Scholarship, which offered financial assistance and professional opportunities to deserving students pursuing higher education.

In healthcare, we contributed $200,000 to the Cambodia Kantha Bopha Foundation to support its efforts in providing free healthcare to vulnerable children in need. Additionally, we partnered with different organizations to promote inclusivity, accessibility, and good hygiene habits.

We are dedicated to achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, particularly in the areas of quality education, good health and well-being, reduced inequalities, while supporting Cambodia’s goal to be mine-free by 2025.

The 2022 Annual Report promises to deliver a detailed synopsis of our monetary endowments and the beneficiaries who have been benefited by our philanthropic work. Furthermore, it will provide a thorough review of all the activities that we undertook throughout the course of the year.

Prince Foundation will continue to work with different stakeholders to build a better future for Cambodia in 2023.

Please access the full report here.

Prince Foundation, the philanthropic arm of Prince Holding Group, is proud to be the diamond sponsor of the American Chamber of Commerce in Cambodia’s Charity Gala Dinner, which raised funds for the Cambodian Treasures Foundation.

The event, presided over by Lieutenant General Hun Manet, Deputy Commander-in-Chief of the Royal Cambodian Armed Forces and Commander of Royal Cambodian Army, brought together 22 corporate sponsors and 480 attendees.

The purpose of the event was to raise awareness about the repatriation of Cambodia’s artefacts. The event also raised fund to support the momentous return of the country’s national treasures.

Mr. Anthony Galliano, President of AmCham, commented, “The return of Cambodia’s national treasures is an important step in preserving the country’s rich cultural heritage. We are grateful for the support of the Prince Foundation and their commitment to the community.”

Mr. Gabriel Tan, Head of Prince Foundation, stated, “Prince Foundation is honored to sponsor this event and contribute to the protection of national identity. We believe that the preservation of culture will uphold national identity and pride. We are pleased to play our part in supporting the Royal Government of Cambodia in bringing the national treasures back to Cambodia.”

Prince Foundation, established by founder and Chairman Chen Zhi, is dedicated to seeking synergistic partnerships for building resilience within Cambodia. The Foundation has been actively supporting demining efforts by raising funds awareness for the cause. Additionally, the Foundation has been working with different stakeholders to promote sports development and empower athletes with disabilities.

With an emphasis on sustainable and impact-driven initiatives, the Foundation will continue to foster public-private partnerships to drive a better future for Cambodia.

100 Scholarship Slots Available for 2023 Academic Year

[Phnom Penh 27, January 2023] Prince Foundation is pleased to announce that the second batch of Chen Zhi Scholarship is now open for online application. The scholarship will provide tuition fees, monthly stipend, development program and internship opportunities to 100 underprivileged students in the 2023 academic year.

Eligible students must have Cambodian nationality, have taken the 2021/2022 BacII exam, and be majoring in Royal University of Phnom Penh, National University of Management, or Institute of Technology of Cambodia.

The online application link ( will be available from 27 January to 10 February, 2023.

Shortlisted students will be invited for a final interview in February and the 100 successful scholars will be announced in March.

This program is part of Prince Holding Group’s vision of advancing the Kingdom’s human capital through public-private partnerships. Prince Foundation is delighted to be able to provide young Cambodians with access to quality education and professional opportunities to drive economic growth and transformation in Cambodia.

86% of students strongly felt they could better contribute to positive social or environmental initiatives

[Phnom Penh 3, January 2023] Prince Foundation, recently facilitated a series of lectures on corporate social responsibility (CSR) for eleven students at the Institute of Technology of Cambodia (ITC). The students were introduced to the principles of corporate philanthropy and sustainable development as well as the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), philanthropic strategies, purpose-driven mindset and impact measurement of CSR initiatives.

In a post-program survey, 86% of the attendees said they strongly felt the course helped them understand how they could contribute to a positive social or environmental impact (regardless of the means) and it helped them learn the steps involved in developing a CSR strategy.

Conducted by Ms. Hon Yan Ting, Senior CSR Manager of Prince Foundation, who has over a decade of experience in the non- profit and education sectors as well as a Master’s in Social Service Management from The University of Hong Kong, the course was attended by eight local students and three French students who are in their senior year of engineering studies at ECAM LaSalle, one of France’s leading private engineering schools.

The course comprised eleven hours of academic instruction and assignments. It featured group discussions, experiential activities, individual assignments and group presentations as students learnt how to design their own corporate CSR projects. During the final presentation, the students shared their proposals for tackling social and environmental challenges as well as concrete steps for evaluating social impact.

Prince Foundation, the philanthropic arm of Prince Holding Group, is committed to providing future professionals with access to the best available thinking in the field of CSR supporting the Kingdom’s Industry 4.0 push. The Foundation will continue to support sustainable development for Cambodia in line with its core focus on education, healthcare and community empowerment.

Survey indicates 100% of NTU participants considering Cambodia as a work destination post-graduation

 [Phnom Penh December 29, 2022] Prince Holding Group, one of the largest business groups in Cambodia, recently supported the Inaugural Nanyang Technological University (NTU) PEAK ASEAN, which brought together outstanding NTU students across the disciplines of Business, Humanities, Arts, Social Sciences and Engineering to the Kingdom of Cambodia for a two-week immersion. In addition, the NTU participants were teamed up with selected Cambodian students from CamEd Business School. Promising results from the Post Program Survey indicated that 100% of the NTU students are now considering Cambodia as a work destination after graduation.

Prince Group’s management, mentors, NTU students, and CamEd students during the final presentation at Prince Holding Group Headquarters

Throughout the program, Prince Holding Group provided a conducive work and research environment to the participants, supported by the Group’s experienced mentors from two of its key entities – Belt Road Capital Management and Prince Real Estate Group.

Launched in 2017, NTU PEAK ASEAN is the extension of NTU PEAK Program, a three-week-long program conventionally organized in Singapore where students work together in teams to conduct research and surveys, and present viable solutions of real-world business challenges offered by participating corporate partners.

“Anchored on Design Thinking principles, NTU PEAK has been co-designed with industry partners to develop high-potential students who will become industry-relevant future leaders for the workplace and community,” said Desmond Woo, Deputy Director from Nanyang Technological University. “We would like to thank Prince Group for supporting our students throughout the program in Cambodia and to aid our students’ understanding of this fast-growing market.”

“The NTU PEAK ASEAN is a great opportunity to improve future Singapore industry leaders’ understanding of Cambodia,” said Gabriel Tan, Chief Communications Officer of Prince Holding Group. “Participants of the program interacted extensively with our international management team, impressing them with the extensive thought processes and solutions put forth in the final presentations. As an NTU Alumni, I certainly look forward to welcoming more participants and potential partners in the future” he added.

Human capital development has been a key focus for Prince Holding Group’s philanthropic arm, Prince Foundation. The Group is a regular supporter of Cambodia’s tertiary education sector and is working to identify the second batch of Chen Zhi Scholarship recipients. Through Prince Foundation, the Group awarded 100 scholarships to students in the 2021/22 term, supporting their higher education pursuit at top Cambodian Universities. Under the leadership and philanthropy of Neak Oknha Chen Zhi, Chairman of Prince Holding Group, Prince Foundation will continue to work towards strengthening human capital upskilling efforts in line with its education and youth development core pillar.

TAFTAC’s Senior leaders at Prince Horology

L: R Mrs. Ceci Hon, Senior CSR Manager of Prince Foundation, Mr. Gabriel Tan, Chief Communications Officer of Prince Holding Group, Mrs. Doreen Tan, Director of TAFTAC, Mr. Maarten Pieters, Technical Adviser of Prince Horology and Mr. Albert Tan, Deputy Chairman of TAFTAC

 [Phnom Penh, 5 December 2022] Prince Horology was delighted to host a tour for senior leaders from TAFTAC (Textile, Apparel, Footwear, and Travel Goods Association in Cambodia) at the training center.

Mr. Albert Tan, Deputy Chairman of TAFTAC, and Mrs. Doreen Tan, Director of TAFTAC, were received by Mr. Gabriel Tan, Chief Communications Officer of Prince Holding Group, and Mr. Maarten Pieters, Technical Adviser of Prince Horology.

During the tour, Maarten introduced six recently-graduated students, and now full-time employees of Prince Horology, who have learned the intricate process of Swiss-style watchmaking over the past two years, as well as shared how the watchmaking school is built from scratch.

‘’It was an eye opener and better understanding of watch engineering and creation,” said Mr. Albert Tan, Deputy Chairman of TAFTAC. “We are thankful to Prince Horology for the visit and for sharing about the micromechanics and horology from an experienced horology instructor”.

“We are delighted to host a visit by the top leadership of TAFTAC, a key body that’s been instrumental in supporting Cambodia’s economic growth,” said Mr. Gabriel Tan, Chief Communications Officer of Prince Holding Group. “What they have achieved at scale for Cambodia is truly impressive and we believe horological pathways will play a part in Cambodia’s human capital and economic development as well.”


[Phnom Penh, 30 November 2022] Have you ever seen the video of commemorating 30th Anniversary Demining Activities in Cambodia?

@United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) together with @Cambodian Mine Action and Victim Assistance Authority (CMAA) has recently released a video message featuring Daniel Craig, the world-renowned British actor and a United Nations Global Advocate for the Elimination of Mines and Explosive Hazards, to commemorate 30th Anniversary Demining Activities in Cambodia!

CMAA has recently launched an exhibition to mark 30 years of demining operations. Cambodia has now cleared 2,531 square kilometers of landmines and unexploded ordnance (UXO) from 1,703 villages and turned them into safe residential and agricultural land for about nine million people over the past 30 years.

We are a proud supporter of the UNDP and the CMAA and we are glad to utilize every resource in our disposal to help Cambodia become landmine-free by 2025!

We would love it if you could help share this post in order to raise awareness about demining activities in Cambodia.

You can find a link to the video here:
#cambodia #demining #undp #cmaa #danielcraig #princefoundation

[Phnom Penh, 23 November 2022] Prince Foundation, via a donation by Chen Zhi, Chairman of Prince Holding Group, has contributed US$200,000 to Cambodia Kantha Bopha Foundation (CKF). This will aid the ongoing operations of Kantha Bopha Hospitals, which provide free and quality health care to children in the Kingdom.

(L: R) Ms. Hon Yan Ting, Mr. Tan Yew Chang, Mr. Gabriel Tan, Mr. Cliff Koh, H.E Ros Seilava, Mr. Yok Samedy, Mrs. Van Achita, Mr. Khean Tourk, Mr. Tum Ra.

During the handover ceremony, Prince Holding Group representatives were given a briefing for the latest developments and progress made with past donations. Kantha Bopha Hospitals help more than 500,000 children in Cambodia every year. The donation will go towards improving the facilities of five children’s hospitals, installing modern equipment and purchasing medical supplies. The donation will further support the daily operations of the hospitals.

“The continuous support of our many valued donors has made a big difference in the children’s lives in Cambodia. It is our belief that every child should have access to proper healthcare and we are glad that children from all walks of life receive quality treatment at our hospitals,” said H.E. Ros Seilava, Secretary of State of Ministry of Economy and Finance and Executive Director of the Cambodia Kantha Bopha Foundation.

“These hospitals have provided a new lease of life to countless children and we are honored to be a part of this extremely worthy cause. Let us all work together towards the building of a safe and harmonious environment for children to grow up in, so they can look forward to the future with hope,” said Gabriel Tan, Chief Communications Officer of Prince Holding Group.

Prince Holding Group has been actively supporting Kantha Bopha Hospital since 2015, with donations totaling close to 1 million dollars.

Prince Foundation, the Group’s philanthropic arm, is keenly focused on healthcare and youth development, and has improved sanitation at schools in Sihanoukville and launched scholarship programs for undergraduate students. The Foundation regularly interacts with leading non-governmental organizations and seeks opportunities for holistic and measurable impact to build a better future for Cambodia.


 About Cambodia Kantha Bopha Foundation

The Cambodia Kantha Bopha Foundation, officially launched on April 11, 2018 in the official form of a Trust Fund, having Samdech Techo HUN SEN, Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Cambodia, and Samdech Kittiprittpundit Bun Rany Hun Sen as Founders and Honorary Chairpersons, aims to mobilize donations from all legal sources to financially support the sustainability of the Kantha Bopha Hospitals’ operations, and to promote maternity, infants, and children’s healthcare and welfare which are the key priorities of the National Social Protection Policy Framework of the Government of the Kingdom of Cambodia

[Phnom Penh, 16 November 2022] The Kingdom of Cambodia, as chairman and the host country of the 40th and 41st ASEAN and Related Summits, has commissioned and presented 25 limited edition timepieces as gifts to world leaders who attended the Summits.


Specially designed and assembled by the Prince Horology Vocational Training Center in Cambodia, the ASEAN Lotus Tourbillion watches underscore ASEAN’s spirit of togetherness, not only as a timeless feature of its unity but also as an enduring strength that ASEAN member countries and its dialogue partners can rely on upon through tough times and formidable challenges. The 25 timepieces are therefore an apt memento of the 2022 ASEAN and Related Summits, whose theme under Cambodia’s ASEAN Chairmanship is “ASEAN A.C.T.: Addressing Challenges Together”.


“Cambodia’s ASEAN Chairmanship year is one marked by collaboration alongside ASEAN countries, the external partners and its international development institutions, helmed by the stewardship of Prime Minister Samdech Techo Hun Sen. These highly specialized and delicate timepieces were designed to be enjoyed as wearable and stylish pieces of art, serving as a beautiful memory of the ASEAN 2022 Summit,” said H.E. Mr. LUY David, Head of the National Secretariat for the Preparation of ASEAN 2022.


“The primary focus of Prince Horology, which is responsible for producing the limited-edition timepieces, is training skilled professionals and creating new career pathways for aspiring Cambodians who have the aptitude and interest in precision watch-making,” said Sack-Man Loui, Executive Principal of Prince Horology.


Prince Horology is a key human capital development initiative of Neak Oknha Chen Zhi, Chairman of Prince Holding Group, to provide a niche watch-making skill in Cambodia offering a rigorous 3’400 hours program in micro-mechanics and watchmaking subjects taught at international standards. Recently, 6 talented Cambodians graduated from the two-year training program under full scholarship and with the guidance of Swiss-trained instructors at the school. The next batch of Prince Horology students will commence their training in January 2023.

ASEAN Lotus Tourbillion Watch Factsheet


The dial design was inspired by the lotus flower symbol from Cambodia’s ASEAN Chairmanship logo which was chosen to represent purity and strength.


With ASEAN centrality as a theme, the meticulous placement of the 10 petals embodies the spirit and joint efforts of 10 ASEAN nations bound together by friendship and solidarity with a common overarching goal of overcoming all challenges to ensure the inclusive and sustainable development of the ASEAN Community.


Each timepiece comes in a 43.5mm steel case with an exhibition back, and sapphire crystals situated on the front at the back. The champagne dial, with gold-plated indexes features a sunken sub-seconds at 6 o’clock, embellished with the Lotus flower design.


The ASEAN Lotus Tourbillon is a manual wind mechanical movement featuring a 60 seconds tourbillion. It has a power reserve of 48 hours and operates at a frequency of 3 Hz. A traditional, elegant and reliable timekeeper for the wearer.