To work towards a better future for Cambodia, Prince Foundation endeavors towards empowerment of the youth.
Our key focus for the latter part of 2021 (and the coming years) is on education. Cambodia spends 9.39% on higher education with a university enrolment rate at 14.74%, according to the World Bank. In the post-pandemic era, Cambodia’s youthful population needs to be empowered with the right education so they can help themselves while integrating Cambodia successfully into the regional and global economy.

At the national level, Prince Foundation has worked with the Ministry of Education Youth and Sport (MoEYS) and several universities to launch the Chen Zhi Scholarship, an annual program that promises to cover full tuition fees and stipends worth US$2 million. It aims to potentially benefit 400 Cambodians in the coming seven years removing financial considerations for talented students who may be keen to pursue Bachelor of Science degrees locally. The Foundation will work with various Prince Group units to ensure they get relevant work experience as well.
At the provincial level, Prince Foundation has partnered with Caring for Cambodia, a leading Siem Reap-based charity, and sponsored the Career Preparation programme which supports rural students with their university and career ambitions.

Cambodia is well-known for craftsmanship and there’s a lot of pride in the intricate designs that make up the exterior of Angkor Wat temples. With a combination of aid, development, skills transfer and investment, we believe the right vocational training could alleviate poverty, improve the fortunes of Cambodians and introduce new industries targeting the broader Asian market. Which is why since its inception in 2019, Prince Foundation has been at the forefront of Prince Horology – Cambodia’s first-ever Swiss watchmaking center, boasting advanced infrastructure and comprehensive curriculum rarely seen outside of Switzerland.